Cloud watching

Who doesn’t enjoy watching clouds float by?

I know I do.

Finding shapes, objects, etc in clouds is something most kids enjoy doing, but who says you have to stop watching clouds when you grow up?
I find it very relaxing watching clouds. I guess it could even be classed as a way to meditate. Just looking skyward, eyes following the clouds around the sky.

Big white fluffy clouds, dark grey, almost black menacing storm clouds, clouds that look like cotton balls, streaky clouds that sweep over the sky.

The setting sun transforms clouds into hues of purple, orange, pink, red, yellow and apricot.

Such a simple thing which we all take for granted, a lot of the time we may not even realise they’re there as we are busy with work, with life, busy doing things indoors which means we may not even know what the weather is like outside.

If we all took time to take notice of the little things I’m sure it would make us all appreciate life more.


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