Boundaries. What exactly are they?

The dictionary states: boundary (n)
[ bówndəree ]
1.border: the official line that divides one area of land from another.
2.limit: the point at which something ends or beyond which it becomes something else.
Synonyms: border, frontier, borderline, state line, edge, limit, margin, periphery

But what about every day life? Our parents give us boundaries, we try to push boundaries, we give our children boundaries, we live within a boundary of some description.

Boundaries can be something to restrict us from doing what we want to, boundaries can be the end to complete freedom, many people often wish that they didn’t have boundaries.


Imagine that there were no boundaries, not a single one.

I am sure that would change a lot, in a positive or negative way, I am not completely sure, I can only assume there would be both set backs and benefits from a lack of boundaries.
In the same breath though, boundaries help us stay safe, they give us a sense of protection, a sense of knowing our limits and how far we can go or what we can do before things get too vague or dangerous.



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