Tired beyond words.

Tonight I am so very tired, much more so than what I usually am.

Most other nights I would usually stay awake for a further 3-4 hours at least but tonight I am fighting with myself to try and stay awake.

I think my tiredness is deeper than it seems though.

I’m not just physically tired, I’m mentally tired too.
I have had so much going on in my mind lately that I think it has got so crazy, so bad that my body can’t cope any more. It wants to shut down for a while, it wants to re-sync with Nature, it needs to sync with Nature.

I had to go to the shops today and while there I was drawn to stop by the “New Age” shop and pick up one of the free magazines.

Everything must have happened for a reason or something as there were so many articles about depression, mindfulness, positive thinking within the magazine. I felt it refreshing to read the stories I felt drawn to, but now- several hours after I put the magazine down, I am so very tired. I don’t know if I am tired due to everyday life or if it was due to the articles I read.

I am not overly religious, superstitious, open to alternative lifestyles and therapies BUT I am open to being exposed to other peoples ways of life. Who knows, I might be completely engrossed in something they do, eat or say or even by their behaviour.

Whatever it was that happened today, it has drained me of all my energy. I don’t think it’s a bad thing- I think my body is now telling me that it is ok, that I can slow down and try to let everything run it’s natural course, that I can turn my back on things and leave things alone that didn’t really concern me in the first place.

All I hope is that I am able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.


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