Today’s Daily Prompt ( http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/prompt-time-after-time/ ) is all about rituals.
Things we do, traditions, things passed down through the generations…

Initially, I can’t think of any rituals I have… Nothing seems to jump out at me.

I mean, I’ve always had a birthday cake for my birthday, and I make sure all my children have some type of cake for their birthdays too. Some years it’ll be a sponge, other years i’ll get a Mud Cake, ice cream cake or even a stack of donuts smothered in chocolate, lollies, icing sugar, etc just to make it extra special. I guess that’s one ritual I have and follow.

Another ritual I have is how I post letters. I always double and triple check that the envelope has a stamp on it, that it is addressed correctly, that I have put my return address on it, that it’s sealed properly and then after posting it, I almost always check that it has gone down the shoot and into the bag with all the rest of the mail waiting to reach it’s destination. That dull thud as my letter or parcel hits the top of the pile is very welcoming, it tells me that I have done all I can to ensure it gets delivered to the recipient.

With the way technology has progressed, a more recent ritual of mine would have to be checking my social media page multiple times throughout the day. Not because I want to, more because it has become a subconscious thing that I find myself doing throughout the day. In fact, at times it even annoys me to the point of wishing I never had a “smart” phone. What is so smart about them anyway? We are becoming less and less civilised, we don’t interact with others face to face as much as we used to. We are losing the ability to communicate properly, to show others respect, manners, to display our emotions…


I guess you could say this is another ritual of mine… finding something to complain about…..


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