DAILY PROMPT: Getting back to nature

In response to today’s Daily Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/prompt-built-city/

I may have been born and bred in this big city that I live in (well, I grew up in a suburb about half an hour’s drive away), but it doesn’t mean that it feels like home.
One thing though that I do enjoy about being here, is that it is fairly close to some great parks and reserves for bush walks and also short scenic drives from some places very close to my heart.

There are some wonderful little pockets of untouched land that is home to native animals that you’d otherwise have to drive for hours to see.

I love watching the sun set over the mountainous horizon. The view is quite “flat” though so the best sun sets are when there are clouds in the sky.

This area has quite a rich history and some of it’s old buildings are stunning but not everyone thinks so as the majority of older homes that have been sold in recent years end up being demolished and big modern homes or small estates/blocks of flats are being built in their place.

I guess some people call it progress.

I call it deleting our history, taking away things that our children and their children may have otherwise learnt about and been able to see with their own eyes, rather than just as photos found in a search engine on their devices.

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