Daily Prompt: Something so strong

My best friend and I met by chance I guess.
We never really knew each other, although we lived across the road from each other.
We never went to the same school, never went to the same church, we didn’t always shop at the same stores either.
We just simply existed in the same neighbourhood until I started high school and had to start getting the bus to school.
Our friendship started when we used to get the same bus home from the train station to the bus stop near our homes each afternoon. The bus would often be quite packed so we’d often find ourselves sharing a seat together.
I think we were both quite shy but once we started talking to each other, things changed from us being acquaintances to “bus buddies” to friends and then down the track, very good friends at that.

It may not be a very extraordinary story compared to some people, but it is our story.
It is how our lifelong friendship started off.

I think what keeps our friendship going strong after all these years is that we have always been there for each other through thick and thin, we have stood up for each other, offered each other a shoulder to cry on when it was needed, we have been through the birth of our children together, we trust each other.



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