Daily Prompt: What to do…

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Even before you get to the point of making a decision, there has to be a reason why you are where you are at that very moment of your life.

Is it because of an opportunity that was too good to pass up, was it due to a tragedy, due to success, due to boredom, bankruptcy or a big win?

We all have our own reasons who we wish for a change and then to act upon it.

I’m currently at a crossroads in my life, well- not just my life. It’s something that will completely change my whole family’s life.

You may have read in a previous entry that I have found a property online and fallen in love with what I have seen of it (and I believe the price is achievable for our budget too). Well, I guess you could say that after a lot of thought, I am ready to dig deeper, to find out more information about the property. I want to know for sure if there is any chance of ever owning this place or if in fact I am just dreaming and driving flat out towards a brick wall without any brakes which, as we know- will just end in heartbreak. 

The pro’s of getting this place would be that our little family would finally be just that… our little family.
We would be able to watch the millions of stars in the sky most nights of the year if we wanted to.
We wouldn’t be living with any other family members or have to put up with any of their crap. If they wanted to contact us (or us contact them), we’d have to ring them up or arrange for them to come and stay with us for a while.
The children would be starting new schools and making new friends (nothing wrong with their current school, but it seems to be run by a small group of Mums and I don’t exactly fit into their little group), I believe their lifestyle would be much healthier, we would be a part of the community more so than what we are of the community here where we currently live.
The kids could join the local sporting clubs if they wish.
Buying this property could even give us the option of running our own small business once we have settled in to the town.
Other pro’s of moving would be that we would be responsible for all our actions, we would have the final say in life’s decisions as they arise, we could decorate our home however we wished as it would be OUR PROPERTY, I believe life would be more relaxed, there would be less stress, my depression and anxiety would just about disappear and I believe that all this would ultimately mean that I could just about be the Mum to my kids and the wife that my husband deserves.

As for the con’s of moving away, it would mean that my hubby and I would be a full day’s drive away from our families, we would not have hubby’s parents there to look after our kids for us if we need to go somewhere without them, it would mean that we were no longer an hour’s drive from a number of coastal beaches (some well know all around the world), it would mean that we didn’t have the choice of over 10 shopping centres within a half hour’s drive from our place, it would mean that our 2nd eldest child would have to change schools (1 starts high school and 1 child starts school next year).
One other thing would be that we would no longer be living in the big smoke with all the bright lights, drab grey concrete jungle, with people rushing around trying to get to their destination (most likely their tiny office space in a big sky-scraper).

I truly believe that if we were to take the plunge and look into the property more, we would find the answers to our questions; if we were to go and visit it in person, I believe that we may see all the possibilities it holds for not only my hubby and I, but for our children and their future too.

I do believe that this will be one of the most expensive things we do in our lives (if we go further with it), it may feel like one of the riskiest things we ever do too but I have a feeling deep in my gut that says things will be fine.

It is something that I want to continue with, something I want to continue to chase.

I just need those who I love and trust to believe in me, to trust my instincts, to believe as much as I do that this IS possible, that we can and will have a successful family life in our own house with our own Family Rules.


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