Daily Prompt: I believe…

Today’s Daily Prompt ( http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/daily-prompt-i-believe/ ) has me thinking hard as to what I want to type.

As someone who has to live with anxiety & depression in a place where I feel I don’t belong… my thoughts on this prompt will most likely be wildly different to what someone else who knows me may think I should be writing.


Anyway, seeing as though this is MY blog… here are MY thoughts.


3 things I believe in my heart to be TRUE:

  • If I was allowed to have a pet dog, I believe my anxiety and depressive behaviours, feelings and moods would all but completely disappear making me a much nicer person to be around.
  • I believe that my hubby and I CAN afford the property I have fallen in love with, I believe that we can make ends meet and that we will start up a successful business and will be accepted into the community. Things may be a little tight from time to time, but we CAN do it.
  • I believe that I have been put on this Earth for a reason. I have been put here to teach others, learn from others, to give to others and to do the best I can.


3 things that I believe in my heart to be FALSE:

  • I don’t believe in bullying of ANY kind. I have had to endure enough of it throughout my childhood, teenage years and into adulthood. It is not something that ANYONE should have to put up with.
  •  I don’t believe that one person’s thoughts, ideas or suggestions should be dismissed without first talking about it, weighing up the pro’s and con’s and then agreeing on something that will work for everyone.
  • I don’t believe that a town, state, nation or world should be run by one single person. We are all unique and we all have great ideas that could possibly change the world in one way or another. If the Human Race was open to listening to others, we may not have the problems that we have today. We may in fact be living in harmony rather than being at war with our families, friends, foes…


I guess I sort of cheated here as I realise I have combined some of my thoughts into one point rather than keep them separate, but I believe that is ok as I feel everything I have written needed to be put out there.


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