In a nutshell…

In response to today’s Daily Prompt: , I would have to say some of my fondest Summer memories would be when I was driving my kids around after their weekend sport, driving them to a park to play at before going to visit my grand mother, driving them to the park where their Dad was playing sport so we could sneakily watch him play for a short while or to drop my son off as he took a real interest in watching his Dad & his team play and he wanted to be a part of that team too.
Towards the end of the season my son did get to go to every game and he even got to join in a few times which gave his self esteem a HUGE boost.

I would have loved to have said I did something I enjoyed, but I haven’t really been in a great place over the majority of the past year so I guess I have tried to live through other people I know and love.

Maybe next Summer I will do some things that I enjoy doing.
Maybe next summer I will go to places that I want to go to.
Maybe next summer I will get out with my camera more.

Next Summer……………………


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