Daily Prompt: Make me smile.

One thing that never fails to put a smile on my face is watching “kids shows”, regardless of if my children are around or not.

Shows which never fail to make me smile (and usually laugh) are Wallace & Gromit, Shawn the Sheep, Timmy Time and other Aardman shows.

There are also a number of movies made for kids but some of the jokes within the movies are definitely for adults. DreamWorks does a great job in keeping adults amused during their “kids movies”.
Some such sneaky gags can be found in Hotel Transylvania, Tangled and all the Shrek movies.

I think everyone should be free to watch whatever genres of shows they want to without having to worry about what others will think of them.

I have been interested in Claymation and animation for most of my life. At first I enjoyed the shows simply for what the show was about but as I became a teenager and then an adult, I was watching the shows in awe of the artistic genius and talents of the teams involved with making the shows.

If you haven’t been a big fan of these types of shows in the past, maybe it’s time to sit down and just watch one to see what it’s all about. If the movie itself doesn’t interest you, look into it deeper- think about how many people have made this, what was used in the making of it, how it was made, how much time has gone into it.

One thing which does make me laugh is how some animation/Claymation shows have out-takes, bloopers, deleted scenes and such. It almost makes you forget, even if just for a second, that someone (or a group of people) have decided to spend a lot of extra time to make these scenes for our enjoyment.



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