Daily Prompt: Wanna be friends?

I think finding new friends can be easier said than done depending on where you are.

I find those living in rural areas to be easier to get chatting to and possibly even become friends with.
I find the older generations far easier to chat to than what I do starting a conversation with people my own age.

I find that living in a busy crowded suburb of a major city, most people seem to be too busy with getting from A to B that they forget it is important to keep in touch with others, that it is OK to flash someone a nice friendly smile and say hello as you pass them in the street.

Unfortunately, there is also a class of people who believe they are too good for everyone else, they believe they are much more important than the rest of the community and have no interest in anyone or anything but themselves.
It is people like this who usually end up being old sad people with no friends at all.

I love having a chat to people. Everyone has a story, some more interesting than others but it’s still their own life story and it is important to them.
If you ever see me in the street, smile. It doesn’t cost anything and will brighten my day. 🙂



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