DP: Fight the Power

When I fought the power it wasn’t against the government, or the police but it was against my Mum.
I actually stood up for myself and my children rather than cower in a corner and hope everything just goes away on it’s own.

Over the years I have done this a number of times now. I have stood my ground and tried the best I can to keep my children and myself safe from my Mum’s words and actions.
I’m not sure if she realises she snaps as much as she does, but it’s not nice being in the same area as her when she has one of her “episodes”.

My Nan (her Mum) and I both wish she would just go to the doctor and have a good chat and have a proper health check up, not just physical health but mental health too as that is where I believe a lot of her issues lie.

It takes a lot of guts for me to stand up to Mum and to tell her to stop what she’s doing or saying.
Having my kids has helped me be a stronger person. I feel that I have to defend my kids when I feel they are right or haven’t done anything wrong, regardless of what the other person thinks.




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