Daily Prompt: When Will I Be Loved?

I not only wonder when I will be loved, but more importantly IF I will ever be loved???

I want to be known as the lady who come into a small country town with a crazy idea. An idea which changed the town forever… for the better.

The lady who was so passionate about her idea that she did everything she could in her power to bring her dream to life.

The lady who came into the town with her hubby and 4 kids as a stranger, possibly even looked at as a threat to some but in a short amount of time, the locals realised she had the town’s best interests at heart.

I want to be looked at as the lady who promoted all the hard work of the locals, all the beautiful produce grown in the area, all the gift ideas and preserves and such made by the locals.
I want to be the person who helped to bring money into the town. Money for not only the local families, but also the town in general and charities too.

I want to keep the smells, tastes and views of yesteryear as fresh as the day we live in. I want to promote home grown and locally made products and produce.

I want my children’s attendance at the local schools to be a blessing, my dreams of being a “some body” rather than a “no body” to become a reality.

I want to be able to work next to my husband and children. I want to run a small business that helps not only myself but also my community.

I want to help change children’s lives with the skills I have to give if I was to work in a small country school.

My dreams may not be those of being famous and well known around the world, but I believe if I can make these dreams of mine come true, then I will be very important in the lives of those that matter most.
I’ll be famous and important to my family and community and that is all that will matter to me.




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