DP: Climate Control

I whole heartedly agree that the weather plays a big part in how I feel.

It doesn’t always go like this, but 9 out of 10 times I would have to say it does.

I am usually at my best early-mid morning, fine sunny days are best. They make me feel all warm, happy about myself and motivated to do stuff.
Cloudy days make me feel creative and inspire me to get out in the garden; prune any plants that need it, re mulch the gardens if they need it and plant any plants that have to be planted as I feel that the welcome rains will soon be here to help the garden grow.

Overcast, dreary, bleak days sap me of all my energy. I feel depressed and don’t want to do much at all.
I get like that when I’m “stuck” inside for a long period of time too.

I think it is good to experience a variety of moods in a constructive way, not in a way that will have a negative effect on the mind or body. I believe these should be determined by the individuals natural surroundings. If it is sunny outside yet cold and dark inside- go outside for a while. It will be sure to cheer you up.



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