Don’t Bully.

There is a great website out there called Don’t Bully (; they also have a Facebook page (

It is an initiative I wholeheartedly believe in as I was a victim of bullying during my school years.
It is something that we can wipe out over time by simply being nice to each other.

Unfortunately there are people out there, sitting at a computer, walking the streets, driving a car who do take some joy in bullying others. There is no need for it at all.

The old saying “Sticks & stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” is sadly no longer the case.
It is easy enough to put on a mask and tell people that everything is fine, but deep down, words do hurt.
Words can be very damaging for someone who has a low esteem to start with, bullying digs a deeper hole and the victim finds it harder and harder to see the light.

Thankfully now there are people who are taking a stand against bullying.

At the Don’t Bully website you will find interesting articles, merchandise for sale, information about bullying and online courses as well as individuals and businesses/groups who are supporters of Don’t Bully.



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