The View of a Lifetime

Imagine sitting on the most comfortable chair you could ever imagine- yes it does exist.

It does here anyway.

It is situated near a large window. It is large, elegant, although not too over the top. It is big enough to share with a child or two, yet small enough to get very cosy on.
I’m not sure if there is a house surrounding this window or if the window frame is simply a feature in my ideal garden?

Does it really matter though? I think not.

Nearby there are also tables, easels, stools and an endless supply of art materials. Canvases, acrylic & oil paints, brushes, papers, oil pastels, pencils, markers, a large variety of needlecraft materials and supplies- needles, sequins, skeins of threads and wools, everything I could ever want and so much more as this would be a place I would share with other likeminded people.

Looking out the window I see fields of rolling hills, covered in masses of flowering plants. Out towards the horizon are animals grazing. Both native and introduced species are living harmoniously along side each other.

This is the ideal backdrop for what I need. It is so inspirational, I can’t help but shed a tear. A tear of disbelief- I can’t believe that this place does actually exist.
It is from this place that I will let my inner artist escape once again. I will write, I will paint. I will use the overall feeling of this rural paradise to fuel my emotions and help me release my artistic flair to the world.

This is not only my paradise, it is a sanctuary, a safe haven.
It is the type of ideal life I would love to raise my family in.
A place where family and friends can visit, stay for a few days or a month.
A place to find yourself and get back to nature, being at one with nature, with the plants and animals; living in harmony without a care in the world.

This is Utopia. Eden. My home away from home.


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