Twenty Minutes

How much can one write in 20 minutes?
Some I am sure can write much more than I am capable of, others may struggle to write even a handful of sentences.

I am hoping that writing this and hoping to keep up to date with the Writing 101 course will help me move beyond mainly just using the Daily Prompt as a writing starting point.
Sometimes I have ideas in my head, but they are not always exactly what I am trying to get across.

I think writing is something that isn’t practiced as often as it should be these days.
I take a lot of pleasure in writing to my pen pals.
I got my first pen pal about 25 years ago and I have been writing ever since. I find a lot of pleasure in it, I look forward to reading about how my pen pals lives are going, how their families are, what they have been up to since the last letter…
That isn’t the only writing I enjoy though. Throughout much of my teenage years and into adult hood I really loved writing poetry. I found that it was a way for me to creatively express myself.
I kept my poetry secret for fear of being wrongly judged due to some of the content of what I would write about. I had a very vivid imagination, I was bullied, I needed a way to express my feelings, and possibly looking back on things now- maybe even my deepest darkest secrets and inner-most desires that I didn’t exactly understand at the time I wrote each of the poems.

I would love for my writing, poetry, creativity and imagination to one day turn into a career. Something that would allow me to work from home, to travel for inspiration, write on the road while I’m “in the moment”, being able to share with my audience the feelings, the emotions and atmosphere that surrounds me at that moment in time.

I have thought about that for quite a while actually. I currently feel like a bird locked in a cage, restricted in my movement, my happiness also restricted to what others feel I should be feeling at that moment in time.

I know money doesn’t make you happy; but in our current lifetime- money does make the world go around. Without it, we don’t have much of a life- especially when you are not self sufficient and have to rely on money so you can buy the things you need to survive.
Money is something which I don’t have much of. I have enough to pay the bills and keep my family fed and clothed, but it doesn’t go much further.

One day I hope to be free, to live a self sufficient life. To have a career that does not feel like work, to be able to do something I am truly passionate about, to encourage others, to amuse others, to be with my family and showing my children that dreams can come true.

I want to believe that it can happen. I wish it would happen sooner rather than later, but with life- only taxes and death are the things that we can be sure of.


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