I am who i am… except for when i’m not me.

Music has always played am important part in my life.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of songs that I like, but a few really stick out and have helped me become who I am today.

Slim Dusty’s “The Biggest Disappointment” is one I have always felt I could relate to.
I ALWAYS get emotional when I listen to this song, and if I dare to attempt to sing along, my chin starts to quiver and the tears well up in my eyes then spill down my cheeks… falling to the ground below. I don’t know why I class myself as the biggest disappointment in my family, but I guess it probably has something to do with being an only child and always being to blame if something ever went wrong.

The next song I feel that helps to define who I am would have to be Kasey Chamber’s “This Flower”. It says a lot about the love I have for my husband and our family, for my grandparents. It is me saying that I would give them all my love, I would open up to them and leave myself so very vulnerable to any hurt or negativity, but I would still give out all my love in return.

Hmm, trying to think of a third song to explain my life is hard. There are a lot of sings that I feel say a bit about who I am, but I’m not sure if they have had as much influence as the two songs I have already mentioned.

I think it would be easier to say that I can relate to musicians overall rather than individual songs they have written or sing.
I always feel very close to P!NK, at times I feel that she is writing about me. The Fugees was another band that I enjoyed listening to as I felt so very close to all their music.

Over the years, my taste in music has dramatically changed. I still enjoy pulling some of my old CD’s out and listening to songs I used to enjoy as it brings back memories from the eras when I used to really listen to those bands/artists and their music.

I remember my Mum had a cassette that I used to play to death. It had a heap of funny, almost nonsense songs on it. I forget the name of the cassette, I forget the names of some of the songs too, but they would be about people coming to take someone away to a funny farm, I think there was a song called “Along Came Jones”. Weird ones, but as a child I found them hilarious and had them memorised.

Maybe one day I’ll remember the names of some of those tracks; heck! I might even find the cassette hidden away somewhere!?



Writing 101 : Day 3. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/writing-101-day-three/


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