DP: Dream Teacher

If I could travel back in time and be taught something by someone from years ago, I would love to go back and learn how to paint by Sidney Nolan.
I love his style, I love his Ned Kelly series.

Although there are many artists I admire, I think spending time with Sidney Nolan would have been very interesting. Who knows what we would have ended up talking about while I was learning his style of painting.

I have a very quiet interest in art. I would love to do more of it myself, but I never know where to start… and living here (seeing as it is NOT my house), I’m also afraid of making a mess as I can get lost in myself and completely absorbed by what I am doing when I am passionate about it.




3 thoughts on “DP: Dream Teacher

  1. great post.you should do some art.thinking about it is obvio9usly youve done lots of and that means whatever you draw or put down on paper will be something with ur mind/heart in it,thats all art is.it cant be a mess because art is each person own style.own interpretation.
    i love art.love to draw.
    look up things on google and copy it to start.or trace things to ge tthe feel of it.even do splatter or collages just to get imagination flowing.
    your posts are wonderful and portray emotion so well so ithink art would both help and be really excelent pieces.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback.
      I have always loved art.
      I don’t really have any time (or space) to paint or anything anymore, but I do dabble in a bit of creative writing, poetry and tapestry when I am “in the mood”.
      I did art throughout school and had a wonderful teacher and mentor who I looked up to. She was great and keeping her students interested in art and would help them find their own artistic style.

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