Set up for life

I have always dreamt something like this would happen but I never actually thought my dreams could come true.

I have just received a Million Dollars from a deceased Aunty. I never even knew she existed!

I have been thinking about this scenario all my life and the dream has hardly changed.

After the initial shock wears off, I am almost certain I would go out and buy a small farm. For now it would be a holiday house as I have kids who are happy in their current schools, but when they finish school, we could move there permanently.

I don’t want a big extravagant mansion, just a cosy home that we can decorate and do to it as we wish.
Somewhere to have a few animals, grow our own fruit, vegies, etc and to let the kids run wild in the garden and be kids- a place for them to learn and discover.

Hopefully I would still have a big enough chunk of that money left over to pay bills and assure we can live comfortably for a few years or so.


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