Doing things the “old school” way.

Being stuck at an airport terminal (or anywhere really) for 6+ hours with no electrical devices wouldn’t worry me in the least.

Depending on how prepared I was, I’d have a note book and pen with me, possibly even a couple of different colours which would allow me to doodle or write.
I currently have pen pals, so if I have letters waiting to be replied to, I could write to my pen pals. Otherwise I may decide to write a random story based loosely around passengers who walk past me, I might even pen a poem.
If my children were with me I would most likely play I-spy with them, maybe some games of noughts and crosses and hangman to pass the time for a while.

There are lots of things that can be done to pass the time without having to rely on technology.

People watching & “commentary games” can be fun.
If there are people in another room, you could start a game where you and a friend each choose a person/character and do the speaking/commentary, reacting to how their body language is.

It can be a lot of fun to get away from technology and electronics for a while…

You should try it sometime…
(But nor before you finish reading my blog.) 😛


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