DP: The Older… The Better.

I would love to say that the oldest thing I own is my Grandmother but that wouldn’t be entirely true as I don’t OWN her. I just love her to bits! 🙂

My favourite, oldest thing that I physically own is my grandmother’s recipe book. It’s not really that old, it’s probably nearly 70 years old but it contains recipes from her grandparents and other people that meant a lot to her, so I guess some of the recipes go back 100 years or so.

My little recipe book has so many stories to tell. It’s pages are stained of sugars and liquids which speak of many happy memories when Nan would spend hours upon hours cooking. In the early years she would have cooked over a fuel stove (which is why some of the recipes say to cook over a slow fire, hot stove, etc) and over the past 50 years (give or take a few years) she would have used an electric stove.

Over the past 70 years there have been hundreds of recipes written and glued into the book. Some recipes are written by the people who originally thought up the recipes and have since long passed on. In more recent years, friends and family have added their own favourite recipes as well as adding in cuttings from magazines and newspapers of mains and desserts that sound truly delicious.

Like a lot of recipe books; this book has a number of dog eared pages that have seen better days. It is those pages which are first sought after when I want to cook something as I know they’re the recipes that are family favourites.

Cordials and custards to ice cream, marmalades and curd; Tropical punch to hearty stew, pumpkin scones and “100 biscuits for sixpence” recipes- the book has them all.

This book had started being written just before the start of World War 2 and today- it’s recipes are still as tasty and relevant as they were back then.
It is a dream of mine to triple test all the recipes again, change them all to metric measurements and have them published as a book for everyone to share and enjoy. I’m not sure if or when this will happen, but at the moment it is a dream that I would like to keep on the back burner.
It might be a huge success… It might be a huge waste of time and money; that’s something I won’t know for sure until I actually do it and put it out there.

I’m not going to give up on it. I think it’s a great dream. The recipes might not all be up to date, but like fashion styles, everything goes full circle and over time, it is once again “fashionable”.
Maybe these recipes might be highly sought after sometime in the future too?




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