Writing 101 (Day 6): You’re never a nobody.

Looking back on things now, I should have known she was someone special.

I had been sent by my doctor for some tests. Here I was, meeting Victoria for the first time. She seemed very likeable and understanding- although I would have expected that seeing as though she worked in such a place where she encountered people with unknown health problems each and every day.
If you didn’t have half  heart, you wouldn’t be able to stick it out for a single day in this type of job.

Victoria had a warm smile, soft, caring voice, fair skin and dark hair pulled back into a pony tail. Her uniform meant I couldn’t see into her true personality but once we started chatting she opened up.

Victoria knew I must have been feeling a bit out of place, she must have understood that I was a bit worried about being there. After all, I was getting tested for things that people a lot bigger and older than me usually get checked for.

As she took my personal details and prepped me for the injections I needed we chatted about my life in general. My family, my likes and dislikes… why I was getting these tests done.
Victoria also somewhat opened up to me, telling me about her family and her hobbies.

We got talking about healthy eating, crazy diets and fads and body image and it was then that I found out that Victoria and I had more in common than we realised.
We both have Thyroid Problems, and even though she looked quite a bit smaller than what I am, she had also had a battle with her weight and had been trying to lose weight for the last couple of years or so.

Victoria also told me about how her other love is cake making and decorating. I told her that I too enjoyed cooking and baking although I wasn’t very good at the decorating side of things- I was just a basic cook who liked to try new things every now and then.

Victoria was quite passionate about both her job and her hobbies and her passion and enthusiasm rubbed off on me too.
During one of the tests, I wanted to give up and stop half way through but Victoria helped me work through it all with her kind words, lame “Dad jokes” and her bubbly personality- anything to help me get through it. And it worked. I got to the very end of the test… and then some.

Victoria came across as a “girl next door” type of person, easy to relate to, friendly, approachable, easy to talk to, understanding, caring. She was someone who I would enjoy going out to lunch with. There would be laughter, smiles and lots of fun.

I would have loved to have learnt more about her- if she took her hobby of cake decorating more seriously to the point of selling her goods, what her favourite music is, how long she had been doing this line of work, if it’s what she planned to do when she was younger, how she came to have the job she does…

I’m not sure if I’ll ever see Victoria again. In a way I hope I do get to as she was lovely and made me feel comfortable and not worry about why I was there, but in a way- it wouldn’t worry me if I didn’t see her again as it would mean I don’t need to have anymore tests.





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