Writing 101 (Day 7): Opposites attract.

Just imaging how great it would be to be sitting in front of a warm open fire, watching the flames licking at the log, turning the rich red wood into black charcoal.
This would have to be one of the best things of country living in the Winter time. I don’t care what James tells you, the country is definitely so much better than anywhere else in this country, let alone on Earth.

Well, Sam definitely hasn’t spent much time in my shoes. She is ALWAYS saying how much greener it is over her side of the fence. But we really know living in the city is obviously what we should all be doing.

It is not! You just don’t want to open your eyes.

As I was saying, Sam doesn’t like spending time here in the city with me. She always complains about the smog, the noise, the way people are always seeming to be rushing about, like they have to be somewhere yesterday. We just live a fast-paced lifestyle. No matter where we live- it’s what living in the 21st Century is about.

Um… no, I wouldn’t say that’s the case James, things don’t HAVE to be rushed. It isn’t healthy to rush around so much; you have to remember to take time to stop and smell the roses.

Smelling roses you say? Don’t be silly- the only time you see those around here are when you’re filling up at the servo, the bucket of week old flowers all wilted and sad looking are waiting to be bought by someone who probably has a guilty conscious about working late or missing an important date. And anyway, those roses don’t smell- roses aren’t meant to smell anymore- it’s longevity that people want now. People don’t have time to slow down anyway, they have deadlines that need to be met at work. They HAVE to put in the overtime to get their work done, otherwise their job could very well be on the line.

See, that’s why living in the country is so much better. Stress is no where near as bad. Yes, there are still deadlines that need to be met, but it doesn’t matter quite so much if it doesn’t immediately happen. As long as it eventually gets done. We’re more laid back here. We are more community minded, our neighbours are almost family. Many of us have known each other for years, decades… lifetimes, generations even! You James, you don’t even know your neighbour’s name let alone anything about them. When I have been to the city to visit you, I’ve always found that people are too judgemental. Your clothes, your stance, your haircut… it all defines who you are and how they feel you should be treated.
I’m sick of it- no one even tries to learn who I really am. No one seems to care about other people’s feelings or emotions.
I do care, not just about my family and friends, but also my surroundings, my little property here. I want to do what is best for it, what is best for everyone living here.

But we do care- we care very much about our circle of friends. We meet up with them each week and catch a gig or go out for dinner and drinks. We go to the movies quite regularly and have dinner parties a lot too.

Yes James, I understand you lead a very social life and that’s great- but I feel that living in the city limits me and I am unable to reach my full potential.
I NEED access to space, I NEED to breathe in the fresh air, have animals all around me. It is who I am and who I want to continue to be. It helps me feel complete as a person and helps me help others as well.
It may sound crazy to you James, but living out here isn’t isolating- not one bit. It is actually a close knit community- we all look out for each other and help where we can without getting under each others feet.
If I need help, it is there very quick. If I want space and want to be left alone for a while- that is respected too.
Living in the country is who I am. It may not have been how I started out, but it is what I have grown into. Making me live in the city would be like keeping a wild animal in a small cage. It would ultimately kill me… very… slowly. But it would kill me. A small part of me would die from the restrictions, from having my hand tied behind my back- unable to freely be who I really am.
I do understand that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone but it is who I am.

Ahh Sam, you will never change.  All the bright lights along the skyline are something beyond many people’s dreams. It is something they would never want to get away from. Unlike you- you never seem to want to be anywhere near the lights-

That’s not true James- I have more lights across my sky than what you will ever be able to imagine. Money can’t buy the breath-taking views I get each and every night.

I think this is where we agree to disagree. Both our homes are ideal to us but not to each other. What is ideal for me, is a nightmare for you.

Oh yes, that’s very true- I completely agree with you there Sam.
Ha ha, look at that- we finally agree on something.

Yes we do James, yes we do.




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