Writing 101: Day Nine. JUMP

“C’mon kids- let’s go and jump on the trampoline for a while” I called out as I opened the door. We’ve been cooped up inside for a few days now as it had been so bitterly cold outside… up until today that is. I had already been for a brisk walk this morning after dropping my eldest children off at school. I had planned to sit outside and catch up on some work on the laptop while the children played together on the trampoline and in the backyard. The kids would enjoying playing out in the sunshine for a while, and it would also hopefully help tire them out so they sleep well tonight.
The kids were well equipped for some imaginative play. They had 4 hula hoops, some pegs and a large trampoline. Typing away on the keyboard I could hear the children laughing and squealing in delight as they fought off aliens, drove their space ship around on adventures and encouraging each other to dive through the hoops. Looking up from the laptop, their hair was standing on end from the build up of static electricity, their rosy cheeks and huge smiles said it all. They were having a ball.
I wish their love of play would last for more than 15minutes or so at a time though… They love spending time outside, but usually within half an hour of going outside… they want to do something completely different or go inside for something to eat or drink. Oh well,  not to worry. My work can wait- they are only children for a short time…


Davy and me love going outside to play. We don’t get to go out much. That makes me sad. Mummy says we can’t go out because it is too cold, or too wet or because it’s night time. I guess she says that because she doesn’t want us getting sick.
“Davey, come here and help me put this in the trampoline. We can have fun. We can jump and stuff. You can go first because sharing is caring. Do you want to get in my space ship?
Watch out for the aliens!!!!!!”
I love playing with Davey. He’s my little brother and that means I am his big sister. Sometimes he can be annoying, especially when he wants the toys I am playing with. But maybe he does that because he’s just copying what our big brother and sister do to us? It’s nice when they’re at school. We can relax and watch the shows we like to watch and play games how we want to play. We don’t have to do what our smelly big sister tells us to.
“Mum… I’m hungry. Guess what? I’m thirsty too. Can we go inside and get some food and a drink? We’ve been outside ALL DAY!!!”


Good golly this house is cold. I enjoy it when I have a reason to go outside and potter around the garden or go out to put the washing on the line, or to take it off and bring it inside.
It is when I’m out the back that I hear the kids.
I’m their neighbour. We share a back fence. Although they can be quite noisy, I don’t really mind it as it reminds me of my childhood. Playing with friends, living a carefree life. Not having to worry about anything at all as our parents took care of everything as well as taking care of us. They don’t get to play outside all the time though. Maybe they have busy social lives, maybe they are busy with their sport. I know the oldest ones play sport as I see their uniforms hanging on the line. Maybe the equipment in the backyard is more of a reward system where they get to play on the trampoline if they have earned the right to by doing the chores their parents set for them?
I remember when I was younger. All the neighbours knew each other. It was like a big family. I used to have to call family friends “Aunty-” or “Uncle-” so and so. That doesn’t happen very much anymore. I guess the world just isn’t as safe as what it was when I was a girl.
I hate to think how the future generations will grow up. Will anything be safe at all?


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