(If only i could get to sleep when it was…) Sleepy time

When asked “What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?” I could quite simply and loudly say “THIS BLOG!”

I often find myself up until the wee hours of the morning typing away at the laptop adding to my blog, or procrastinating by scrolling through the various groups and pages on Facebook searching for something that I might find informative, amusing, or comforting.
Some night I even find myself scrolling through hundreds, possibly thousands of pets or houses & properties looking for the dream pet or home that may never eventuate into anything more than a dream.
But I like to dream. It gives me a reason to keep going. Not to give up.

It’s not a matter of worrying about missing out on something because I can go days without being online… I guess it is a matter of having so many random thoughts flying through my mind, not knowing how to get my mind to relax and chill out enough to fall into a peaceful sleep to get me to the next morning.

Whilst not really rituals, I can also find myself consumed in doing puzzles, crosswords, logic puzzles, find a words, etc. I love entering competitions (and sometimes win small prizes too which is fantastic) as it keeps my brain active and sharp and when I do have a win, it is a great boost to my self esteem.
Another thing I have been doing recently has been needlework. I recently started a small tapestry (approx. 8X16″ in size). I only started it 3 days ago and I think I only have another day or so stitching left before it will be ready to stretch and frame. It has been such a long time since I have actually started AND finished an entire tapestry. This is one project I am really looking forward to.

Maybe one day I will learn to go to bed at a “normal” hour. Something long before midnight.

I haven’t always been a night owl, I used to love the early mornings- especially those cool crisp wintry mornings; the grass crunchy underfoot from the frost that has settled there overnight.

Maybe things will go back to how they were sometime in the future??



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