Offside Memories

I had friends who used to do Athletics. My offside memories are of them teaching me how to race walk. It took quite a bit to learn. Unlike them, I didn’t have an athlete’s body- heck, I still don’t have an athletic body today (but now I realise I am who I am).
I must have looked quite a sight back then. Big chunky me waddling along in an awkward hasty gait trying to race walk with added “hurdles” (gutters, logs, strategically placed umbrellas, etc) alongside people half my size (almost literally in every way imaginable) striding along in front of me, easily doing it and looking completely normal in the process.

Looking back now, I must have been a sight. But now I am able to have a chuckle and realise that it didn’t matter how I looked, or what people thought of me. The fact was that I was having fun with those I cared about, I was spending time with friends and I was being active.


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