Writing 101, Day 12: Choose your own path to walk down.

If I hadn’t have gone, I would have never really known what was happening. Or what the severity of it was.
The biggest thing I learnt about the day was how I would feel (or not feel) when I got back that evening.

It would have normally been an average day. Wake up, watch some TV with the kids, get a few things done, go online for a while, do some reading, writing, maybe catch up with a friend briefly at the school gate.
But the phone rang. That changed everything. It meant interacting with people I hadn’t had any contact with for quite a while… until now that is.

I jumped out of bed, got dressed and said a quick goodbye to the family before heading out the door.

Cursing at the car for being all fogged up, I did my best to clear the windows before setting off. The roads were unusually quiet. Was it a week day? It was supposed to be… I think. I’m sure it was. Certain even.
I continued to drive on. Next thing I know I hear sirens. A fire truck speeds past me, lights and sirens blaring, driving towards where I had just come from. I hoped nothing was wrong back at home.
A minute or so down the road and another siren could be heard. I see more red and blue lights. This time it is a police car speeding past. I can only assume at this stage there must be an accident somewhere. I continue to drive. Again I see lights- and then another police car zooms past faster than the other one had been going. What was going on? I could not stop, I had to continue on my way. I had somewhere to be and I had to be there within the hour.

About another 15 minutes further into my journey I approach a 4 car accident. WHAT IS GOING ON THIS MORNING? Has everyone lost their mind? Does no one have any idea of what is happening around them? Does no one consider that there may be other people wanting to use the roads as well?
My journey comes to an end not long after.

Now it was the start of something different.
Time to look after a person who looked after me. After making sure everything was fine and the house was locked up, I got her into the car and off we went. I had nothing to worry about but I was full of worry as this was a lady who never called me asking to be taken to the doctor. To do that, I felt that something must have been wrong… really wrong.

We got to the doctor’s with enough time to spare before her appointment but like the morning had been so far… the waiting time was like a crash scene. The waiting room was full to overflowing of sick people. I couldn’t help but pray that I don’t get sick after being in a confined roo with so many other sick people, coughing, sneezing, snotty faces, germ-laden fingerprints everywhere. It wasn’t a place I wanted to be, but I knew I had to stay.
Almost 45 minutes after her appointment time, she was called in to be seen by the doctor. After what felt like an eternity, the door opened and out walked the doctor. She flashed a brief smile in my direction and then hurried off. She briskly walked back into her room not long afterwards, closing the door behind her. More talking then silence.
The door opened again. This time they both walk out and I am beckoned to, to follow them into the treatment room.

Armed with medication and scripts written out to get other medicines, she is seen to again- this time having a few more checks done and her medications explained to me so I know what she should be taking and when.
After all that was done, it was off to the chemist.

A trip to the butcher and green grocer saw us purchase the basic ingredients for a nutritious pot of chicken soup.
Now it was time to take her home as she was becoming weary and fatigued.

Once back at home I made sure she had some food to eat and then put her to bed to rest.
While she slept I made the chicken soup. It was not something that I made before, but from the love I have for her within, I knew just what to do.

While the soup heated up and then simmered, she slept.
When the phone rang, I’d answer it; relaying the latest news to those on the other end of the phone.
When she woke, it was time for more medicine. Hopefully this would be what she needs to get better- sooner rather than later.

She seemed somewhat chirpier. Was it because I was there? Was it because I had been looking for her? Was the medicine working this fast? Could it be a combination of all of the above? I don’t know.
The main thing though, was that she seemed to be a little better.

I had to remember though that I still had my own family. I had just got up and gone. Forgotten about them for most of the day- not completely forgotten though as I had the constant guilt of knowing that I had left them behind. That guilt constantly gnaws at me.

Once night started to near I knew it was time for me to return to my family. Once I had made sure everything was fine, I headed off once again. This time towards home.

The drive home wasn’t quite as eventful as the morning drive. Pulling up into the driveway, I wasn’t greeted with smiles and hugs. I wasn’t greeted at all. Everything was in darkness. The door was locked, there were no shouts of excitement stating “Mummy’s home!” Nothing.

I rang the doorbell and after what felt like 5 minutes, the door was unlocked and I was allowed inside. Inside to my family.

I wouldn’t call it normality though as that’s not what I’d call it.

I don’t know what to call anything anymore…





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