Writing 101, Day 13: Finding a new love.

(Part 2)

The little village where our farm was located was full of mystery. As a child I loved to explore. There was always something new to find. Looking down rabbit warrens and wombat holes was always fun. I would always anticipate a pair of eyes looking back at me, but never actually experienced it and in a way I am glad too, as if there had have been a set of eyes looking back at me, I think I may have had to change my pants!

The thing that most fascinated me though was finding little fossils. The fossils were found in pieces of clay and rock, usually near a dam, quarry or waterway of some description. Tiny little fossils- I think they were imprints of ferns or leaves and what looked like teeny tiny reptilian footprints.
I’m not 100% certain if they were in fact fossils or if I had a vivid imagination (I hope both are true), but at the time- it was so very exciting for me. It was as though I was finding things that no human had come across ever before.

Fast forward about 20 years and you’ll find me in the same position.
Dressed in old “play clothes”, squatting down over a pile of rocks in the middle of a quarry looking for fossils. Not knowing exactly what to look for but believing that when I find it- I’ll know what I’m holding. Actually- it’s not just fossils I’m looking for. Any pretty rock will do nicely- I have always enjoyed collecting rocks. It couldn’t be any old rock though- the rock had to “speak to me”. I had to have some type of connection with it, be drawn to it in one way or another.

In this quarry and other dry creek beds near by, I did feel a strong connection. So strong in fact that I cannot wait to get back there again. It is just a shame that it is so far from where I am now. It felt like home out there. I had a special connection with the land out there. It was speaking to me but I had to be dragged away from it.
Maybe one day I will go back there. I will be able to respond to the calls from the unexplainable and help my spirit go home. I truly hope that my family- my husband and children, feel the same as I do and embrace our soul, our spirit and the unexplainable bond I have with the land and turn this into a lifelong adventure and journey to find the place that is home to us. To find a place that is special to all of us. We need to be somewhere that has a special meaning to all of us.

It is not here. That is something I am certain of.


(Part 1): https://cockatooscreeching.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/writing-101-i-was-once-lost-but-now-everything-else-seems-to-be-lost-instead/



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