Writing 101, Day Fifteen: CANCELLED


It was like I had just been stabbed in the back. Or had I just had my right arm cut off? Was it as bad as both things happening at once?

I had just read the sign that hung off the fence, swinging at an obscured angle, but it was real nonetheless.

The show was cancelled. It was done. Kaput.

The show I had attended each and every year of my life up until now, was now no more.

Devastating didn’t even start to describe how I felt. I was beyond disbelief. I guess you could say it was a surreal moment. Surely this wasn’t happening. I didn’t want to believe it.

I wouldn’t believe it.

I pinched myself hoping I’d wake up from this nightmare.
Nothing- no change. I pinched myself again, harder this time.
Over and over I pinched myself hoping to wake up but I had to come to terms with the fact that I WAS awake.
This WAS real.
It WAS happening.

There was no more show. After over 100 years, it was no more.

Falling to a heap on the ground, I put my hands to my eyes which had, by this stage, began to well with tears.
I couldn’t contain my emotions any more- I started to sob, silently at first but it soon turned to loud crying, almost to the point of wailing.

I had to do something. It couldn’t end like this.

It couldn’t.





One thought on “Writing 101, Day Fifteen: CANCELLED

  1. You write so well. You bring your readers into your world. I felt like I was there standing beside you. And I have been in that kind of grief before myself so your words brought me back to that time.

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