Writing 101, Day Sixteen: Circling like vultures.

(Part 3)

Circling overhead, the menacing birds reminded me why I had taken on this job.
To reunite people with the things they loved so they wouldn’t feel lost, so they wouldn’t have a part of their own soul dead inside their hearts.

The assortment of items that came through my warehouse was unbelievable!
From things such as phones, teddy bears and jackets to more obscure things like prosthetic limbs, false teeth and jars of kidney stones. I had honestly seen them all.
Some things had obvious value, other items looked worthless but I am sure they were priceless to someone as each and every item has it’s own story.

Take the raggedy old blankie for example. That was a truly moving reunion. It belonged to a middle aged businessman. It was a blanket that had belonged to his Mum. It had been on her bed while she was pregnant with him and she kept her son warm with the blanket during his childhood. She was tragically killed in a house fire the day after he left home. The blanket, what was left of it, was all he had left of his mum. Losing the raggedy old blankie forever would have killed the businessman.

Seeing children reunited with their toys is always lovely. Some children are so very thankful. Some even go to the trouble of writing to me to thank me for finding their best friend. I keep every single letter and picture that I receive from the children. I really appreciate their gratitude.

I have met many characters during my time here too.
One in particular that stands out would be the lady who lost a container of rocks. Well, that’s what I initially thought they were. They didn’t look like anything fancy or of any value but that’s where I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Once the lady and her container were reunited she went on to explain what they really were and allowed me to have a good look for myself.
Those rocks were in fact fossils and gemstones. It was amazing. I knew that fossils and rocks came from the ground, but when you’re only used to seeing these objects in museums or jewellery stores, it does come as a surprise to see them in their raw state.
I must have had a look of amazement and disbelief on my face as she asked me if I would like to choose one to keep. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I thanked her over and over and pointed out a small piece that I felt drawn to. It was beautiful, the detail was so delicate. It was something I will treasure until the day I die.


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2 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day Sixteen: Circling like vultures.

  1. I decided to read your whole series before commenting on this one. I’m glad I did. This piece is so powerful standing alone, but after learning about your love of fossils in the second part of the series, then I can sum my reaction to this story in one word….. WOW……….

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