Writing 101, Day 18: Why did they do that?

Mrs Pauley is a lovely lady. I don’t know why the police and those other people went inside her house. I heard Dad say something to Mum about her being evicted. Evicted; isn’t that when they kick you out of your home without you wanting to leave? That’s not fair.

Mrs Pauley is like a Nanna to me. Sometimes I even call her “Nanna Pauley”, Mum and Dad says it’s polite to call her that. Mum said that what she called her when she was little.
Mum has lived here forever, but not as long as what Mrs Pauley’s been living here for though. She’s been here longer than Mum… longer than ANYBODY!

My best friend is scared of Mrs Pauley. She reckons the house is haunted. She says Mrs Pauley is old and cranky. I think she’s just misunderstood.

When Poppy Pauley died everything changed. Everyone started behaving differently, well, not everyone- not me. The adults. The adults who knew them got very emotional. I get it how people dying isn’t good, it’s quite sad when you think about it actually. Someone who you love will never be alive again, they’ll never be able to talk to you. That’s not nice.

Poppy Pauley used to keep the gardens looking beautiful. There were always millions of flowers in the garden, all the colours of the rainbow but now that Poppy wasn’t around, the weeds had started to take over Nanna Pauley’s garden. That made me sad as I knew Nanna loved the pretty flowers.

She couldn’t look after them properly because she was in a wheel chair and it made things hard for her.
Now it looked like these people were trying to take her away from her home. Why would someone want to do that to an old person? It’s just not fair. Was it because the garden wasn’t being looked after? If it was because of that, I’d offer to help her and look after the garden.

All I can do is just sit here on the steps and watch… watch Nanna Pauley from across the street.
I can hear Mum inside, she’s whispering something to Dad. I’m not exactly sure what she’s saying but I heard her mention Nanna’s name a few times. It sounds like she’s crying too. I hate it when Mum cries. That makes me really sad. Sadder than when I had to bury my goldfish, my first pet EVER.

I can hear the people telling Nanna to get out now. Telling her they have to get the locks changed. That sounds scary. Where will she go? what’s going to happen to everything in her house?

I wish I could help her.

She just said something about how she doesn’t have any money but can pay the bills once the will is finalised. I don’t really understand all that but if the money in my money box would help her, she could have it. Have it all.

I’m getting sad now. I don’t know what to do. I want to be brave and not look scared so I guess I’ll just slouch forwards a bit and cradle my chin in my hands, that way it will just look like I’m bored, but they won’t be able to see my lip quivering and the tears falling out of my eyes and onto the bottom step.

I can’t help but stare. I don’t know what to do. Nanna Pauley is looking over at me. Her eyes seem very distant and she is being wheeled away by the police man. Even the police man seems sad.

I remember when I was little how I used to go and visit Nanna and Poppy Pauley. They used to tell me stories about their sons. Stories about all the funny things their boys did, about how they used to play on the street, they even chased my Mum once!
The boys don’t live there. They moved out before I was born. They used to visit a lot. Mostly after they finished work I think.
OH! I think one of her sons is a police man. I remember now… a few times she had a police man visit. He didn’t always wear his uniform, but I could tell that he was a police man- he just looked like one.

I think it was her police man son who was taking her out of the house. He looked the same as the man who used to visit.

I don’t know… this is getting scary for me now. First, Poppy Pauley dies… now Nanna Pauley is being taken away. I don’t like it. It’s scary. I don’t want to see anymore.

I think I should go inside. Maybe ask Mum if I can go to my best friend’s place for a while. I just want to feel safe right now.


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