It desn’t rain… it pours.

This week I have had all 4 children sick. It sucks. I wish it had’ve been me sick instead of them. I hate it when they’re sick.

On top of that, this morning my hubby and I find out that one of the parents from our sports club is telling the rest of the team they played with last year that their team is dissolving and all players should go and find another Club to play with.
That infuriates me as the person saying this is a parent, he plays NO PART in the admin duties of the club and therefore has no place in telling past members that they are not to stay with the club for this coming season.
The team in question is NOT dissolving, the team will go ahead for this coming season as there are enough players signing up to play… but due to this person’s attitude of “my children won’t be playing so that must mean the whole team is finished”, other players now do not know what is happening and I am sure they are confused and feeling unsure and unwanted.
We now (as Club Officials), have to contact the players of the team who played last year and reassure them that the team is still fine, their position is still available and they will be able to play this year.
Our club is all about keeping children interested in sport and we want children to enjoy playing a sport they enjoy. It is great for team spirit, character building, sportsmanship, social skills, etc. Why a parent feels they need to stop other people’s children learning these skills is beyond me.

Oh, and as much as I love listening to rain…
When it’s a cold grey, overcast day and when you’ve got all 4 kids sick and other crap to deal with…
Today is NOT the day I need rain… I need sunny skies today so I can believe there is something to smile about….


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