Nothing beats handmade… especially by grandma!

My Nan’s cooking has always been something I enjoy. It was never fancy, but it was always tasty and filling. She used to make fantastic curried mince and rice. Looking back now, I realise it wasn’t up to most people’s standards (gluggy rice anyone?) but to me as a child it was absolutely delicious. We’d put big spoonful’s of margarine into the rice to make it extra yummy.

Nan’s scrambled eggs was another thing I enjoyed. Well, Nan made them to my Pop’s specifications. Pop liked his “crispy” and I have followed in his footsteps. Most people would call it burnt, but the darkened crispy bits just add to the flavour. add a good shaking or two of salt and a couple of pieces of heavily buttered toast and you’ve got a great meal.

My Nan used to make wonderful scones too. There were a number of different types she’d make.
I still can’t eat “shop bought” scones- they just aren’t the same.

Nan has been a great teacher over the years and has passed her skills on to me.
I am now starting to excel her with some of the dishes she was known for. I can only give my Nan the credit as it was her that taught me everything I know.


There are also other things that are better handmade- knitted jumpers always feel better when made by someone as you know a lot of time and love has gone into it.
I have a cotton jumper that my nan hand knitted for me over 15 years ago. It has not gone out of shape, stretched or shrunk. It is a beautiful jumper and is as good as the day I was given it. I am hoping to eventually pass it on to my daughter in the years to come.

I have a small cardigan that a family friend made for me when I was a toddler. She has now passed away, but I wore the cardigan until it no longer fit anymore, it was then put away. When I had my first daughter I was able to dress her in it and now my youngest daughter wears it (although she has just about grown out of it now). When it no longer fits my kids, I’ll be packing it away until I get a grand daughter- then maybe the jumper will be able to be used for 3 generations.

I also think any mending that is done by hand is better than when it is “machine done”. For the past 7 years I have been mending my children’s school uniforms when they come undone at the seams. After I have finished hand-mending them, they never come apart again in that place.
I also have learnt the skill of darning socks, but that is something I don’t do often as socks don’t seem to be made to last anymore. If I darn a sock, a new hole appears in another place soon after. It just doesn’t seem to be worth the hassle anymore.


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