It tastes bitter to me.

I have a lot of friends and family who rave over the majority of reality TV shows whereas I quite honestly, do not enjoy them at all.
I can sit through “The Voice: Blind Auditions”, but after that- it gets a bit beyond a joke.
I used to enjoy watching “Survivor”, but when they start dishing out season after season after season it starts to get quite boring… fast.
Give me a documentary any day. 🙂

I guess another thing that most people I know love but I don’t enjoy at all would be Chocolate Cake. Yes, I’m one of those “weirdos” who do not like Chocolate Cake. I never have liked it, I haven’t liked many cakes actually. Give me a plain cream & jam filled sponge and I’m a happy camper, but give me something fancier and I won’t eat it. I guess it’s just what I’ve grown used to with my life experiences.


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