What if someone had have reached out when someone else was in need?

The news of Robin Williams’ passing is still a shock to me.

I never knew him personally, but it still doesn’t stop me from getting upset when I see news coverage of him on TV.

It makes me wonder how much of what the media is saying is actually 100% true.

What was going through his mind in the days, hours, minutes leading up to when he passed away?
If someone had’ve simply asked “How are you feeling today?” would he still be here today?

Watching the news stories and past interviews he had done on TV, I can see the sadness in his eyes. Yes, he was a funny man. Yes, he brought a lot of joy and laughter to millions of people, but that didn’t necessarily mean he was happy within himself.

I just wish I knew answers. I am sure a lot of people wish they knew why.

Depression can be very crippling and it can drain a person of their livelihood, it can make them think things that they wouldn’t usually want to think about.
I know. I have been there. I am still there… or is that still here?
I have had the Black Dog with me for over 11 years now, but unofficially I think it could be a lot longer- possibly close to 20 years.
That’s a large portion of my life which, looking back on it, is very upsetting.

It never hurts to ask someone how they’re feeling.
It could even save their life.


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