Does pain really equal gain!?

The saying “No Pain, No Gain” is quite common and where it may ring true for some, it definitely does not ring true for me.

You know how everyone seems to know somebody who’s life is run by Murphy’s Law?
If something can go wrong, it will go wrong (to them).
Well, that person is more often than not me.

All the check outs at the supermarket will be empty, but when I have finished filling up my shopping trolley and head towards the registers… all the check outs have lines of people at them and when my turn does eventually come around, it’s always my items that don’t scan correctly and need someone to get a price check on what feels like every other item I am wanting to buy!

I recently ended up with a pinched nerve and bulged disc in my lower back. This is the 4th time in 3 years I have had it happen. The icing on the cake was when the nerve pinched a second time only 4 days later!
I pinched it a few weeks ago when I was transplanting vegetable seedlings into our raised garden bed. There was no heavy lifting involved, not even twisting my body into a strange position, I was simply hunched over the garden bed when y back went out.
If that wasn’t bad enough, life got even more pathetic when it happened again barely 4 days later. I was in a lot of pain and could barely get around (I was actually using crutches to get from my bed to the bathroom as I couldn’t put much weight on my legs at the time due to the pain) but nature called, so I had to go.
Flushing the toilet was the simple action that made my body spasm and send me to my knees (well, almost- I had my crutches to catch me this time). I couldn’t believe my luck (or lack of it).

This has been a lot of pain… but definitely no gain. If anything, it has put me back a fair bit.

Unfortunately I am not as optimistic as most of the people I know, but if I was to try and find some gain out of all my pain, I guess I could come to the conclusion that being in all this pain has caused me to completely lose my appetite and therefore as a result, over the past 3 weeks I have managed to lose over 6kgs.
This has been a great step for my weight loss journey, even though it wasn’t the best way to get things back on track, and I am hoping that now that my appetite is starting to come back I will be able to start enjoying healthy foods and keeping my portion sizes smaller than what they used to be.

To add to my pain, I can also safely say that my garden has gained-
a lot of weeds. Not to mention that almost every plant is needing it’s spent flowers to be removed (to promote more flowers), there are a few areas that need to be re-mulched as well.

Maybe tomorrow I will force myself to get out in the garden, even if it’s only for five or ten minutes at a time.

As they say… No pain, No gain.


4 thoughts on “Does pain really equal gain!?

  1. Sorry about the pain you experienced with your garden. I was lucky in a way, but I no longer plant veg. I am now convinced that Jane Fonda has a gardener. She never seemed to have pains when she was doing her aerobic stuff although it was probably all photo shop and fake films.

  2. Girl, I have had severe chronic pain for the last 10 years and I HEAR YOU!!! When you are talking ongoing excruciating pain, “no pain no gain” is a big joke, huh? I’ve been chronically ill since 22 and a bed-bounder since 28 and pain is sort of my specialty, lol. So, when anyone says that to me, I just kick them, but I have to use someone else’s leg! Good going for addressing ACTUAL physical pain and injury with this saying. That’s what my new blog is all about so you know I didn’t miss out on this Daily prompt either 😉 I sure hope you aren’t still hurting all the time as I know back injuries can be real jerks. God bless you.

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