Is knowing what the future holds really a good thing?

The Advantage of Foresight can be either a positive or negative aspect of life, depending on how often that power is used and the information that is sought.

Being granted the power to predict the future could quite possibly be a great power to possess BUT how would you use it?
How often should you use it, if at all?
Do you make it known that you have this ability in order to be able to make money from it or allow others to gain insight into their futures at your expense?

Losing a day of your life each time you use this newly found power doesn’t seem like much of a deal, but what if you only had days, weeks or months left to live? That would be quite a serious situation to put yourself in.

I’m not sure if I’d even want such a power. I think it would actually cause more problems than what it would solve- in my situation anyway.

I have a number of dreams floating around in my head as well as occasionally making it onto paper or typed into the memory of a computer or put online somewhere. Do I want to find out the future of these dreams? I guess it would be good, but if it wasn’t the outcome I hope it to be, I would be bitterly disappointed and then that one lost day of my life would be the least of my worries- if I had no dreams to cling to, I would feel that my life was no longer worth living.

Having the ability to foresee the future is a very dangerous thing and I don’t think I would wish it upon anybody- regardless of the consequences.


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