Common sense? What’s that!?!?!?

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein

I honestly do believe that common sense is very rare these days.

It seems that every other person is now wearing hi-visibility shirts or vests, even some work vehicles are now sporting hi-vis coloured paint jobs.

There are signs warning us about signs that may be ahead.

Even our food has warnings on it. A bag of salted peanuts contains a warning that “This product contains peanuts”- well, I bloody hope so as that’s why I bought it!

I think the world has gone cotton wool crazy. Everyone seems to think that they have to wrap each other up in cotton wool for fear that something may possibly go wrong. No one wants to do, say or offer anyone anything in case it is taken the wrong way or unintentionally hurts someone.

I’m by no means old, but I don’t call myself young either- but I remember being little and going outside and playing.
If I fell over and skinned my knee, no body got sued, I simply got up and brushed myself off and continued to play (or go home to get it fixed up if it really hurt).
I was able to go to a friends house and eat their food, likewise I was able to have friends over at my house and they’d have snacks or meals without any worries.

My favourite lunchbox item was my peanut butter sandwich. I could eat lollies without worrying about how much sugar was in it as I would burn it off as most of my days was spent outside doing some form of exercise (It was called PLAYING!)

Even TV was easier to watch, there were kids shows, family shows and Adults Only shows (or those shows where you had to go to bed when you were told and then sneak into the lounge room and hide behind the lounge to sneakily watch the show your parents wanted to watch after your bedtime).
These days there are shows for general viewing, babies/toddlers shows, shows for primary aged kids, tweens, teens, young adults….. And not to mention all the other codes that let you know about the themes within the program.

Some days I wish things were so much simpler.
Maybe I was born into the wrong generation? Maybe I am simply being unrealistic (I’m sure there’s a warning sign for that somewhere)?

Unfortunately, common sense just isn’t so common anymore… it’s actually a novelty in some places/cases.


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