Fussy? Not me, I’m just selective.

I wouldn’t say I was a fussy eater, I guess I’m just selective.

I think one thing I used to have with almost every meal growing up was tomato sauce.
I’d smother mashed potato in margarine and tomato sauce until it was almost bright red, I still enjoy sliced tomato and tomato sauce sandwiches as well as tomato sauce on tinned tuna, ham or chicken roll sandwiches, I have to have a heap of tomato sauce on meat pies or sausage rolls when I have them.

Toasted cheese, tuna & tomato sauce sandwiches taste lovely.

I don’t see these as quirks though, it’s just what I enjoy.

As a child I hated most vegetables with a passion. I remember enjoying mashed potato, tinned beetroot, tomato, lettuce and tinned corn- the rest I was quite unsure of.
These days however, now that I have matured (I think) and now have a family of my own, I do eat a much larger variety of foods to what I did growing up.

Something that I am quite against eating would have to be oysters, tripe and mushrooms. They’re three foods I have never ever had an inclination to eat, or even try.
I grew up with my grandparents loving tripe and mushrooms and it would often be cooked. While I don’t find the smell nauseating or sickening, their aroma while being cooked is one I won’t forget.



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