Randomness takes lows to a high

I have been feeling quite depressed and upset with my self today. I don’t know why… it’s just how I have been feeling.

I was trying to think of ways I could cheer up a bit and thought some craziness and randomness might work along with a few wise things thrown in for good measure.

Now for a bunch of random group of sentences, words, sayings and who knows what else…
I’m hoping it will have me feeling a bit better by the time I’m finished writing and hope it also puts a smile on your face.

* A horse walks into a pub and sits down at the bar, the barman comes over and says “Why the long face?”

* Triantiwontigongalope
This is actually a make believe animal that I learnt about when in primary school. There was a song that went along with the poem and I have always remembered bits and pieces of the poem. It’s a fun word and if you use your imagination- could make for a VERY interesting creature!

* English is a strange language… read the following sentence and you will realise just how confusing it can be for those who’s native tongue is not English.
I wound the bandage around the wound.
They’re taking their photographs over there by the tree.

* You may have to GET older, but it doesn’t mean you have to grow up and ACT older!
It doesn’t hurt to let your hair down once in a while (or regularly if you wish) and live like a child again.
Splash in puddles, make mud pies, dance like nobody is watching (or cares), consider the little things that you would usually overlook (go hunting for bugs, beetles, snails and slugs one day).

* Have a water balloon or food fight (preferably with others who are keen to do the same).

* Go for a walk… a long walk is what I prefer.

* Make a salad of your choice.
Cutting up all those colourful fruits and vegetables will help reduce stress and then you get to eat your creation and hopefully feel a bit better afterwards.

* Get back into a hobby you used to enjoy but haven’t touched for a while. It might relight the passion you once had for life.

* What used to make you laugh as a child? Revisit those memories and see if it still makes you laugh (or cringe) today.

* Fart

* Fart in the bath (as disgusting as it is, it’s always funny!)

* Grab a butterfly by the hand and let it take you to a far away land where everything is ideal and no one is sad.


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