A nod and a wink…

A nod and a wink and away he drove.

The council officers must have been as corrupt as what the home owner was dishonest.
So much was being done around the property but not an ounce of work had any type of approval attached to it.

It really is sad to see things being done so poorly. Through the years, technology has advanced so very much yet it seems that a tradesman’s ability and the quality of buildings being built and work taking place is very quickly plummeting to an all time low.

There is no reinforcing mesh being put into slabs of concrete, nothing is being given the time it needs to set solid and outlast the people who will be living in the home. There are so many jobs being done where the workmen are practicing unsafe operations just to get a job done for the minimal cost to them and to have it done in the shortest amount of time.

It makes me worry about the type of home my children will be forced to buy into if and when they are ever in a position to buy a house of their own. They will have no knowledge of if the house will even stay standing for the duration of their lives in the house they choose.

People are wanting to be paid more to work, yet they want to pay the least amount possible to have work done for them. It just doesn’t make sense.

I think it’s time we start to think about how we were raised, about how our parents were raised. Lets get some good old fashioned common sense, courtesy and quality workmanship happening again.

Lets pay good money for quality products that won’t fall apart or break down a day after the warranty is up.


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