What’s with all these illnesses going around!?

It seems that almost every person i know is currently sick or is recovering from some type of cold, flu, virus or infection.

I haven’t felt 100% well for so long now, but this most recent bug has really hit me for six.
I felt off colour over the weekend and thought i’d nip it in the bud early in the week with a cold/flu medicine bought over the counter from my local chemist.
I have been taking the medicine as instructed by the chemist, but have been getting worse so today i took myself to my local family doctor and found out i have a fever and Upper Respiratory Infection. Other horrid symptoms include feeling weak, icy cold hands and feet, a stuffy head and every bone in my body aching all over. It also has a nasty cough attached to it which has triggered my lower back pain yet again.

I have been put on antibiotics and instructed to take panadol and ibuprofen as needed to help with the other associated pain.
I am just hoping that this new lot of medication will do it’s job and help me get better and recover from this infection.

I hope everyone else keeping as well as they can.


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