Cough Cough Cough…

For the past month i have been feeling under the weather. It started out as what i assumed was just a cough/cold/flu…

It didn’t seem to go away so i went to the chemist and after a chat to the pharmacist, was recommended i have some chesty cough medicine.
When that didn’t seem to be working i went to my GP. They prescribed antibiotics which i took but once again, i wasn’t feeling any better and the cough seemed to be getting worse. The coughing fits were getting worse than ever- to the point where i was almost being sick.

Yet another visit to my GP saw a second course of antibiotics prescribed to me. I have just finished them and although i am feeling a little better, i am still quite weary and fatigued and have this annoying cough which at times, almost takes my breath away.

The worst thing is that my son has been battling with a similar bug. He has also had different antibiotics given to him and today had blood tests and X-Rays to rule out Whooping Cough and Pneumonia. I am really hoping he is well enough to go to school soon as he is really missing his friends.
We have been collecting his school work as he feels well enough to keep up to date with that, but because he is socially isolated at the moment, it is that which is upsetting him the most.

Whatever this illness is that is going around, i would not wish it on my worst enemy.

Please take care of yourselves, your families and friends. especially the elderly, young and sick who may not be able to fight it off.


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