Now let’s open a can of worms…

I’m currently watching WWE Afterburn on TV, not because i want to, but because i’m simply too lazy to change the channel… I am busy on the computer anyway so it’s really just background noise at the moment.

I have never really understood wrestling. The way i see it, it’s just a form of choreographed dance/drama/hands-on physical performance. I see it as one big show which they put on for the viewers.

It’s not boxing, not by a long shot- to me, boxing seems like a blood thirsty sport (another can of worms right here but i won’t talk about this right now), wrestling on the other hand is far less dangerous and bloody. I have very rarely seen blood spilt during a wrestling TV show.

Are any of my followers fans of wrestling?
What are your views on this sport? Is it even called a sport? I honestly do not know.

I would be interested in hearing what you think of wrestling.
I am assuming most people have heard of and are aware of what wrestling is.


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