Understanding a gift

I have always been open minded about almost everything, but this year i have been REALLY finding myself…

It seems that i am able to do Astral Projection. I only found this out as i put up my “symptoms” on my social media page and a few friends said it was actually a gift that i had. After a bit of research, it seems they could very well be right.
The other evening i had some time to myself and i saw a blue/yellow light sitting just above my knees- i have done a brief bit of research and think i may have seen my aura, but am not sure as i am very new to all of this.

I have seen crop circles in the past too and seem to have a knack of things finding me. Well, i’m not sure if it was an actual crop circle, but it’s what we called them. It looked like a circle burnt into the ground. A while later, where the burnt circle was, a circle of field mushrooms would grow.
I will often have a feather or leaf fall onto me or just in front of me, when out travelling or on day trips, i will often find beautiful rocks/crystals/shells… It happens so often that i don’t believe it is coincidence anymore.

I don’t know if this is normal or if i do in fact have a gift which i have to learn to understand better.

It is no use trying to talk to my family about my experiences as they do not believe in this sort of thing and i don’t have any friends living nearby who can help me either. I just have my friends and acquaintances online to ask for help.

I have also been told that EFT tapping can help me- i just have to learn the technique and believe in it and most importantly- start believing in myself and learning to love myself after decades of hating who i am.

I am optimistic about all of this and am open to looking into it all more in hope that it will help me find my true self and become the person that i was always meant to be- not the person who i have become from years of self hate and neglect.


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