300 words

Wanting to write is one thing but when your fingers and brain aren’t working together things can get messy…

This is usually when random thoughts start to appear, being typed out in a semi-conscious manner, most of the time no errors are made, but then again, because you’re only half with it, you really aren’t concentrating on which keys your fingers are tapping.

Imagine if the world was reversed…

imagine if our feet were rooted in the ground, leaving us unable to move, unable to go from one place to another unless a small part of us is blown away in the wind.
Imagine if trees could get up and walk around. What would they do? Where would they go?
Would their roots be a tripping hazard?

Imagine if our dreams became reality…

Those nightmares you had as a child would come alive and search for you… not giving up until they found you.
Those dreams of being chased, of falling, of having creepy crawly insects, bugs and beetles crawling out of your mouth, out of your ears and nostrils, trying to dig and tunnel into your eyeballs.

Imagine if all those things you imagined you saw or did were real after all. Would you be happy or disgusted with yourself? Would you be fleeing for your life, hiding from someone or something?

Imagine if you were able to fulfil your wildest dreams. Would that make you happy? Would it scare you to death? Would you ever want your wildest dreams to come true or are you happy with them just being dreams, something you can think about and act out in your mind knowing those innermost thoughts are safe and won’t ever get out.

What if you could read other peoples minds?
What if they could read your mind?


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