Hopes and dreams for a better me.

I know i have been overweight for sometime now and although i am somewhat relaxed with my eating style, i think i am now makimg progress.

My pants have started to get a bit loose on me and today i went out and bought a second hand jogger pram so i can take my youngest child for long walks around our local area (or where ever i want to walk really).
My little one is really looking forward to coming on walks with me, once i get my fitness back a bit and don’t get puffed out so easily, i’ll start going on hilly walks- pushing a pram and toddler up and down hills has to be good for me.

Today i decided that tomorrow would be a busy day for me. I plan to mow an elderly relatives front and back lawns, possibly do a bit of gardening while i’m there and then take my little one for a 5-10km walk in the pram.

That’s my plans… i hope i am able to get everything all done, but if i don’t, i will not beat myself up about it and eat crap like i usually do.
I’ll remind myself that i can get back to things “now” and keep going, it’s a fresh start from the minute i decide it is.

I have always been hard on myself, blaming myself for everything regardless of whose fault it was/is.
This is something i have to get on top of, with the support of my hubby, friends and health professionals i hope it will happenn sooner rather than later.

Lets hope this is the start of the new me.


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