More than just skin deep.

Weathered from tears that have been shed through the years
Your eyes shine bright like the sun rising after night.
A heart of gold- always warm, never cold.

Why do people judge you?
Don’t they know you’re more than skin deep?
I wish they’d know you as as person
Get to know you and your life story.

With you I take time when we drink tequila and lime
You are a great friend who i will love ’til the end.
Your soul is so devine, i go to sleep wishing you were mine.

Writing 201. Day 3.

A gift for you.

As i scan the store i look everywhere
Gift ideas are flickering in my mind.
If by magic- it jumps out at me,
Facing the back of the store,
Tucked away behind other items
Feelings of elation within me are growing,
Offering the cashier my money, i leave
Relieved i found the ideal gift for you.
Your eyes light up as i hand over the delicately wrapped package
Overwhelmed with emotion- you finally squeal with delight
Ultimately, our life is now complete.

Writing 201. Day 2.

October 10th- put it in your diaries!

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day where we can celebrate our uniqueness, where we can discuss how our condition affects us for the better and/or worse.

We shouldn’t restrict this to one day a year though- we should be able to freely talk about mental health whenever we want. There shouldn’t be a stigma attached but unfortunately it seems to still be the case in today’s society… although we are getting better. There are more people who are willing to listen and try to understand.

I was watching an interesting show tonight called Diaries of a Broken Mind. It followed a handful of people for a while and got their personal stories and saw them when they were going through both highs and lows.

If you get the chance to see this documentary for yourselves, i highly recommend you watch it. It was very interesting.

My thoughts are a bit all over the place at the moment as watching some shows tonight stirred up memories that i must have had buried deep in my memory.

Hopefully my next blog entry will make more sense and flow better…