When trust is lost in an instant.

It seems that a man who i have respected for almost all my life will now be no more than a stranger to me.

During a meeting with some health care staff the other day, he lied to them in regards to how i look after my Nan.
He looked them in the eye and lied, saying crap about me that was completely false.

After the staff had left, he then assaulted my husband and verbally threatened me. Thankfully my husband wasn’t hurt, but that didn’t stop him telling my Nan that my husband’s minor injuries were self-inflicted, which again, was a huge lie!

That was the last straw. We could have pressed charges but we didn’t.
We will NOT stoop to his level of immaturity.

I will still be civil towards him if he comes to see my Nan, but i no longer feel a need to help him.
I plan to cut him and possibly his family, out of my life when the time is right.
I don’t need toxic people like that in my life.

The moment he said hurtful, false claims about me, in front of me, to other people and then to go and hurt my husband and i…
That was the final straw. At that moment, all trust was gone.

He can rot in hell.


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